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Planting the Seed of Love

Christmas mission


Yearly we embark on a mission to plant the seed of love by the means of taking comfort toys to children in rural areas of El Salvador. Doctors and volunteers visit their communities, walking house to house providing triage and identifying cases that may need follow-up.

Christmas mission One Hundred Angels
Phoenix mission One Hundred Angels

Phoenix mission


Based in Phoenix Arizona, our current mission consist in coordinating medical assistance to a vulnerable group of people. Together with local organizations we are assisting about 100 people a day. Triaging and assessing for an emergency, we provide our guests with over the counter medication, vitamins and upon availability comfort toys for the little ones.

Water mission


Our mission is to provide water tanks to collect rain to families in communities where potable
water is not a common resource.

Water Mission One Hundred Angels

Education mission


We are supporting low income students in their pursuit for continuing their education. By supporting them with financial resources. Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world
(Nelson mandela)

Angels Toys Inc. Mission


For each sale of a toy, Angels Toy Inc. will give another one to a child in a precarius situation. Giving them the opportunity to love and care for their new friend. Helping them to find peace and calm in times of anguish.

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