Cecilia Garcia

My name is Maria Cecilia. I was born in San Carlos, Uruguay, a place between the sea and the countryside. I emigrated to the United States at twenty. In search of adventures that took me directly to reality. Twenty years later and mother of two, owner of my own business, having reached the American dream, I find myself in an adventure in Cuba. A perfect night, the ideal company, the house of the Trova in Trinidad, and my companion asks me: if you could ask for an unlimited desire, what would it be? Without hesitation, I answered: One Hundred Angels per child. I would like each child to have at his side One Hundred Angels that protect him, that accompany him, that guide him, that love him. Later I got involved in a trip with a purpose. Closer to my inspiration, I participated as an interpreter in a humanitarian medical mission in Berlin, El Salvador. Thanks to the Sacred Heart of Iowa mission where a group of forty American volunteers and an equally large delegation of locals manage to give medical, dental and ophthalmological consultations to more than 1,600 people in a period of six days. What a wonderful experience. The interest shown by the volunteers, the love they place in what they do. True love without conditions. The appreciation and affection of those who receive this help are immeasurable. The difference that these acts of lovemaking on both sides of the equation are unpayable. Since then, I could not stop thinking about how I can help more. How to improve the service that others are already providing? How to get others to participate? How to let the world know what is the true reality of the world? Since then, I work with a group of collaborators to carry out this new non-profit organization called One Hundred Angels, intended to provide medical, basic and comfort services to children in precarious situations around the world. We seek to support the missions that already work in this field. We seek to carry out new missions. We seek to provide toys, blankets, and pillows to children in need. We seek to leave a better world than we find. This is my mission and I know that it is the one of many more. Let's work together on it. Thank you very much.

Yadira Torres "Yaya"

Hello! My name is Yadira "Yaya". I am a bilingual Medical Assistant and I have more than 15 years of experience in the health care field. At an early age, I knew that I wanted to work with people in a meaningful way and have a positive impact in my community. I believe that the key to success in every area in life, is achieved by having a positive attitude, commitment, and integrity. I enjoy hiking, traveling, and spending time with family and friends. I had the pleasure of meeting Cecilia, the founder, in a leadership workshop where she talked about her vision of One Hundred Angels. Immediately, I was inspired by her passion and knew that I had to be part to it. I am grateful to be here and enjoy meeting wonderful people every day, Together we make a difference.


Nisha Chandran

Hi, I’m Nisha! I was born and raised in Chicago, IL. I am a practicing pediatrician and was fortunate enough to do my medical school training in the southern part of India. That is where my love for taking care of children emerged, and working with rural communities took root. Practicing pediatrics in the Chicagoland area has been a rewarding experience – I love to be able to help children and their families in any way I can! I am now happy to be a part of something bigger and help in a larger setting. Being a part of these Angels is a great feeling and I am happy to be able to use my skills to help make a difference.

Melvin Abarca

Hello! My name is Melvin Abarca, I was born in El Salvador in a city called Berlin to the east of my country, in a mountainous area, between cool climate in the coffee plantations with a beautiful view, I am the youngest of five brothers; I studied and grew up in my hometown, with my brothers and my mother who is my greatest example and inspiration; since I was a child I learned from her that from what little is told, you can help those who need it the most. I was growing up amidst the smell of natural medicine, as my mother worked at the church in my city, where brigades of doctors also came to give free consultations along with medicines, at the age of 12 as a child I met one of these brigades, of which my mother was a volunteer, for which she dealt with the way we, together with my brothers, could help in whatever way we could. When I was 20 years old, I had to leave my home. Together with my older brother, we were able to obtain a scholarship to study medicine in Cuba, it was difficult to leave my mother, but I had the illusion of becoming a doctor, aiming the end of my career and help the most need, but nevertheless at the end of my first year of career I take the hardest blow that can be received by any human being in this world: my mother died! From that day on, I made a promise to finish my career and follow her example. I graduated as a doctor in 2013, I returned to my country, to my home, to my city, with the same conviction of being able to help those who need it. In 2014, through friendships, I was given the opportunity to collaborate with a medical brigade (Mission Sacred Heart of Newton, Iowa) to bring consultations to the communities of the rural area in ​​my city, and surprise! They are the same people I met as a child, logically with the passing of the years, they did not know that it was that same child with the illusion of being able to collaborate with them as much as possible. With the passing of days, they learned about my story with them, they were surprised as I was at the time. Thanks to them, I was given the opportunity to establish a friendship with the person who initiated this project of: "CIEN ANGELES" that by telling me what it was all about, they just wanted to get down to work immediately. Today we are working to be able to to do a project, not for our benefit, but for the benefit of the children, who, as this same person told me, "are the future of our society" trusting and believing that God will take us where it is needed. And as José Martí said: "A BETTER WORLD IS POSSIBLE" Atte. DR. MELVIN ABARCA

Angelica Ortiz

Hello! My name is Angelica Ortiz, I am the second daughter of four brothers. I grew up next to my mother and father, my great inspirations of struggle and love. I was born in San Luis, Sonora Mexico where it is hotter than in the sun. When I was 10 years old, I emigrated to the United States, to the country I now call home. Without forgetting my roots and the country that saw me born. Happily married to the love of my life and mother of two wonderful children Sebastian and Uriel. I work in the field of medical health for more than 15 years. Without forgetting my dream as a girl "Being a nurse and going to Africa to heal the children" Dream of a girl who despite the years is alive and alive every moment. Nothing is a coincidence ... it is synchronicity and knowing the founder of this beautiful project I fell in love with him and I felt that the dream of that girl was about to be fulfilled. The union is a strength, I know it is my life mission: Caring for the present and future generations, starting with the children.

Milagro Rodriguez

Milagro Rodríguez, Salvadoran and resident in the city of Berlin to the east of the country. I was born in a rural area, and from a very young age, I witnessed the needs and the suffering caused by poverty and social violence. In 1980, in my student days, I saw my dreams of continuing studying frustrated due to the beginning of the civil war that bled our country for 12 years increasing the pain and suffering of many innocent victims, especially of the kids. My family and I moved from the rural area to the city of Berlin. I felt the need to prepare myself not to be just another victim, and what before was a frustration it became the opportunity to develop myself as “a human being” and in 1980 I started as a catechist, and later I joined the workshops of Pastoral Social where I trained in the areas of Human Rights, first aid and popular teacher. I was aware that this was a risk because there was a long list of social promoters, catechists, priests, and even a Bishop murdered; but it was precisely the testimony of life and the murder of Bishop Monseñor Romero, “San Romero” what inspired me to serve. I had the first experience as a popular teacher. Schools in the cantons had closed to protect the teachers. The Church promoted a program for children and young people with the opportunity to study, but because of the persecution that threatened our lives, two years later the Church decided to the women out of the project. I started working as a promoter of Human Rights in the Parish of Berlin, and at the same time I continued to train in first aid. Throughout this process, I have met wonderful, supportive people who have supported and promoted different humanitarian aid programs. The reality of the country has changed, but the needs persist, and it would be very little that we could do locally without the help that people give us and institutions that trust in our service, but mainly because they are sensitive to the suffering of our people. Thank you Cecilia, thank you One Hundred Angels. Blessings, Milagro.

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